General Questions

  • Why choose Extensions from Milkman?

    We've been building Native Extensions for Adobe AIR since the day the technology was released- that's 4 years of experience, refinement, and real-world use in both big-name and indie games.

    We've given presentations on Adobe AIR Extensions at Adobe Max, Adobe User Group, and the Adobe headquarters in San Francisco. Milkman ANEs have been featured on, Adobe evangelist and developer blogs, and the Flash Builder splash screen.

    Native Extensions are our full-time business and we think you'll find our reliability, documentation, and support second to none.

  • Who's using Milkman Native Extensions?

    Milkman ANEs are used by hundreds of developers large and small, including EA Games, Insomniac, Big Fish, Northway Games, FGL, Gaijin Games, and Stoic Studios. You can see some of our extensions in action in the showcase.

    Behind the scenes, we've developed the official Native Extensions for some of the biggest app platform, advertising and media companies in the US.

  • How good is your documentation?

    Every Milkman Native Extension comes with a complete, step-by-step PDF manual. The manual covers every step of the process required to get set up with third party services (like Google and Apple), add the extensions to your ANE of choice, and implement its features with ActionScript 3.

  • Do your ANEs come with sample code?

    Yes! Every Milkman Native Extension includes a complete sample application that demonstrates every function of the ANE, and instructions for compiling it with Flash or Flash Builder.

Support and Licensing

  • What kind of technical support do you offer?

    Every customer gets one year of email technical support, from real programmers, for free. You also get free access to all new versions of the software for one year.

  • Are your extensions up to date for the latest version of (AIR, iOS, Facebook, etc.)?

    Yes. We update the extensions periodically as needed to support new SDK and OS versions, add features, and fix bugs. We respond quickly to platform changes- some of our extensions our on their 20th iteration.

  • What happens when my year of technical support is up?

    When your year of support is over, you may continue using the ANEs forever. We'll send you an email to let you know the support period is over, and you can optionally renew at a discounted rate to continue getting software updates and support.

  • What are the licensing terms?

    Our licensing terms are fair and simple. The Indie License grants let you use the Extensions in an unlimited number of games or applications published by you- you don't need a separate license for each game you create.

    If you're creating apps for a third party publisher or as a contractor, we ask that the third party acquires their own license of the extension.

    The Indie License applies for all entities with gross earnings of $200,000 or less for the previous year. If your company doesn't meet that requirement, please contact us for Pro Licensing.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We offer secure payments through BlueSnap, and accept credit cards, PayPal, orders by phone, mail, check, fax, wire transfer, Skrill, Alipay, MoneyBookers, CashU, and local bank transfer.

    (If you don't see PayPal or your preferred payment method in the dropdown list, clear your cookies.)

  • How can I get in contact with Milkman?

    You can reach us any time at We're here Monday-Friday, excluding US Holidays.

Technical Questions

  • Are your ANEs compatible with the latest version of Adobe AIR?

    Yes, all our extensions are compatible with the latest full release versions of Adobe AIR.

  • Do your ANEs support iOS 64 bit / Universal?

    Yes, all our iOS extensions support iOS 64 bit / Universal.

  • Do your ANEs support Android-x86?

    Yes, all our Android extensions support Android x86.

  • Do your ANEs support iOS Simulator?

    Yes, all our iOS extensions support iOS Simulator.

  • What platforms and operating systems do your ANEs work on?

    All our extensions officially support all versions of iOS or Android supported by the latest version of Adobe AIR.

    For development, you can compile from any platform supported by the latest version of Adobe AIR- OS X or Windows.

  • Are your ANEs compatible with extensions from other vendors?

    Yes, our extensions are generally compatible with extensions from other vendors. For extensions that depend on common third party libraries (such as Google Services), we provide two versions of the ANE- an optimized version that significantly reduces your APK file size when using Milkman ANEs only, and a separate compatability version that will work with ANEs from any vendor.

    Note that we can't control how other people's extensions are designed, and you may have issues in general if trying to use two extensions simultaneously that have the same functionality (such as two Facebook extensions at once.)

  • What IDEs do your ANEs support?

    Our ANEs can be used with any IDE that supports Native Extensions. We provide specific instructions for Flash and Flash Builder, but you can use FlashDevelop, Intelli-J, command-line builds, or any build system of your choice. If you're having an issue with a particular IDE, contact us and we'll help you sort it out.

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