Facebook, Twitter, and Sharing- All in One Powerful Extension for Adobe AIR.

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To maximize the reach and profitability of your mobile App, you have to Go Viral- and the GoViral Social Extension makes it fast and easy.

Tap the power of the Facebook graph- invite friends to your app, authenticate your users with Facebook Single Sign-On, post message and images to the user's wall- the entire Facebook API is at your fingertips through a simple AS3 interface.

Or Tweet your high score after a rousing victory? No problem.

Email a screenshot of a boss battle to a friend? Full email support with image attachments also included!

With GoViral, you can share anything- via Twitter, SMS, mail, or any compatible app installed on your phone.

iPhone showing a list of Facebook features in the GoViral ANE.

All of Facebook. Made Easy.

Single Sign-On with the official Facebook app or website.

Send Facebook Invitations- recipients are directed straight back to your app, or the App Store!

Convenient one-line functions for common tasks like wall posts, sharing, leaderboards, and invites.

Native Facebook UI with the Official Facebook mobile SDK.

The Entire Facebook Graph API, exposed to ActionScript 3.

Share Anything. Instantly.

Share Messages, Images and Attachments via Email.

Share Messages and Images with Twitter.

Share Messages and Images via SMS.

Share Messages and Images via Facebook.

Share Anything with any sharing-enabled app on your phone!


GoViral ANE Features:

  • Integrates with the official Facebook app and website for authentication
  • Send Facebook invitations- recipients are directed straight back to your app, or the App Store!
  • Simple built-in methods for common Facebook features like sharing, wall posts, etc.
  • Simple built-in support for Facebook achievements and leaderboards
  • Exposes the entire Facebook Graph API through AS3
  • Native Facebook dialogs and UI with the Official Facebook iOS SDK
  • Send email or SMS messages to friends, with image attachments
  • Post scores or other status updates to Twitter
  • Share anything through any sharing-capable app installed on the device
  • Complete sample application, as3 docs, and getting started guide included
  • Target iOS and Android with the same code
  • Up to date for the latest AIR, iOS and Android - including iOS 64 Bit
  • 1 year of free email support and updates

Why Choose Milkman Native Extensions?

Always up to date.

Regularly updated for the latest OS Versions and AIR SDKs.

Awesome Docs.

Comprehensive, fully-illustrated, step-by-step manuals.

Great APIs.

Simple, fast, and familiar ActionScript code.

Stellar support.

Free Software Updates and Email Support for one year.

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