GoViral 5.5.1 Native Extension Update

February 2017

Version 5.5.1 of the GoViral Native Extension is out now! This update brings the internal Facebook SDKs versions numbers up to 4.19, and the target Facebook Graph API up to 2.8. This release also includes numerous bug fixes and feature requests from you relating to usability.

When making generic sharing requests on certain manufacturer's Android phones, the extension will now always present the option dialog, instead of allowing the 'always' or 'just once' pre-selected options.

We've eliminated the requirement for the Android WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for sharing attachments. This will allow you to set your Android targetSdk to 23 or higher without having to show a runtime permission dialog. (Note that this also brings with it a change to your application.xml settings for Android - please see the release notes for more information.)

Many of you have been displeased with Facebook's recent changes to the handling of sharing, especially on iOS- wherein the native sharing dialogs the Facebook application present allow less customization to the details and images when sharing links. The extension now allows you to attempt to force the Facebook SDK to use a different dialog type and get the older behavior.

For all the changes, see the release notes with your update download.

If you're a current owner of the extension, you can follow the link above or check your mail to view the latest release notes.

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