Enable iOS Social Gaming with Game Center.

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The Game Center ANE from Milkman lets quickly and easily you add social features like leaderboards, achievements, challenges and login to your iOS games.

Let players sign in with their Game Center accounts to post high scores to leaderboards, compare status with their friends, and earn achievements. Gain additional featured spot opportunities on the App Store by using Game Center.

Encourage friendly competition and sharing with Game Center Challenges- players can challenge any friend to beat their high scores from within your UI, and receive automatic notifications when their ranking changes.

Get started with social gaming features right now with the seamless APIs, detailed documentation, and excellent support you've come to expect from Milkman.

Screen showing ActionScript code to set up the Game Center ANE.

Game Center. Made Easy.

Show native Leaderboard, Achievements, Challenge and Login views with just one line of code.

Fully illustrated, step-by-step manual walks you through every step of the setup process.

Complete sample application demonstrates every function in the API.

Free technical support from real developers if you get stuck.

Always up to date for the latest AIR and iOS SDKs - including iOS 64 bit.

Social Features = More Players.

Authenticate iOS Game Center users within your games.

Encourage sharing and competition with built-in Challenges.

Manage multiple leaderboards with different metrics and score types.

Unlock achievements and manage incremental achievement progress and hidden goals.

Use iOS' built-in views, or load metadata as ActionScript objects and create your own custom look.


Game Center ANE Features:

  • Log users into Game Center and retrieve their name, ID, and other details
  • Submit high scores, unlock achievements, and manage incremental achievement progress
  • Show the native iOS achievements and leaderboard views with just one line of code
  • Let players easily challenge their friends to beat their top scores
  • Load achievement and score data as ActionScript objects to create your own custom views
  • Complete sample application, as3 docs, and getting started guide included
  • Up to date for the latest iOS and AIR - including iOS 64 bit
  • 1 year of free email support and updates

Why Choose Milkman Native Extensions?

Always up to date.

Regularly updated for the latest OS Versions and AIR SDKs.

Awesome Docs.

Comprehensive, fully-illustrated, step-by-step manuals.

Great APIs.

Simple, fast, and familiar ActionScript code.

Stellar support.

Free Software Updates and Email Support for one year.

Ready to get started with Game Center?

Instant download. Support and Software Updates for one year, Free.