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The CoreMobile Native Extension for Adobe AIR gives you easy access to core iOS and Android features that benefit every mobile game.

Use Advanced Gyroscope motion sensing- that's far more accurate and fast than AIR's built-in Sensors, and works exactly the same on iOS and Android.

Enable Local Notifications to deliver scheduled messages specific to the current user.

Want to add simple Native UI to your app? CoreMobile lets you use native alert, input, password, and list picker dialogs with just one line of code.

Get a universal baseline for any device's performance with Year Class Detection and tune your features accordingly. Add tacticle feedback to games with native Vibration. Handle cheaters with Jailbreak detection.

CoreMobile is all the little things for your mobile app- made easy.

Using the Gyroscope ANE in an iPad game.

Advanced Gyroscope.

CoreMobile monitors the device's built-in gyroscope, in combination with hints from its other available sensors, to compute accurate orientation readings.

The API and results are exactly the same whether your game is running on iOS or Android- and remarkably better than the Accelerometer sensors built in to AIR.

Instead of burdening your CPU with additional expensive events, CoreMobile gives you synchronous access to the device's current roll, pitch and yaw through a single function call you can integrate into your main render frame loop.

Easy Local Notifications.

While Push Notifications can be used for sending new information, sales, updates, messages, and multiplayer game events from a server to your users, Local Notifications are useful for sending a message to the current user only after a given delay.

For instance, a game in which the user's energy slowly recharges after one hour, could use a local notification to remind the user when their energy is refilled; or if the user has not loaded your app in 3 days, a Local Notification could prompt them to come back and play some more.

Local notifications in an Adobe AIR app.

Easy Native UI.

CoreMobile lets you use native alert, input, password, and list picker dialogs with just one line of code.

It is often useful to use native modal dialogs to alert the user to an important event, ask a question, collect simple input, or get login information.

CoreMobile allows you to implement such dialogs in a consistent, cross-platform way, without having to design and code the UI by hand in ActionScript.

Network Connection Monitoring.

With CoreMobile, you can determine if the internet connection is available using a single function call- or if you need real time updates, listen for the connection being lost or gained with one simple event.

Like all CoreMobile's features, networking monitoring works seamlessly across iOS and Android.

Network cable

All the Little Things. Made Easy.

Looking to optimize performance? Use the integrated Year Class detection to get a universal baseline on the performance capabilities of your handheld device.

Add support for AIR's missing mobile Events- like App Minimize and Maximize.

Detect possible cheaters with Jailbreak and Root detection.

Add tactile feedback to games with native Vibration.

CoreMobile ANE Features:

  • Accurate, fast, cross-platform Gyroscope reading
  • Keep player's engaged and reminded of local events with Local Notifications
  • Display native UI alert, confirmation, login, and text input dialogs
  • Detect the mobile device's internet connection state
  • Enable tacticle feedback with the phone's vibration function
  • Detect the device's performance capabilities and make optimizations accordingly
  • Complete sample application, as3 docs, and getting started guide included
  • Target iOS and Android with the same code
  • Up to date for the latest AIR, iOS and Android - including iOS 64 Bit
  • 1 year of free email support and updates

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Awesome Docs.

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Great APIs.

Simple, fast, and familiar ActionScript code.

Stellar support.

Free Software Updates and Email Support for one year.

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