GoViral 5.6.0, AdMob 4.11.1, and Google Games 2.11 Native Extensions Updates

May 2017

New Updates are now available to download for the of the GoViral Native Extension, AdMob ANE and Google Games ANE AIR Native Extensions.

Rewarded Video Ads for Adobe AIR With AdMob 4.10.0 Native Extension

March 2017

You can now use AdMob Rewarded Video for Adobe AIR with version 4.10.0 of the AdMob Native Extension!

Better Notifications in Adobe AIR With CoreMobile 2.12.0

March 2017

The CoreMobile AIR Native Extension version 2.12.0 is available now, with improvements for notifications in AIR.

GoViral 5.5.1 Native Extension Update

February 2017

Version 5.5.1 of the GoViral Native Extension is out now! This update brings the internal Facebook SDKs versions numbers up to 4.19, and the target Facebook Graph API up to 2.8. This release also includes numerous bug fixes and feature requests from you relating to usability.

Android In-App Billing 2.7.1 Native Extension Update

July 2016

Version 2.7.1 of the Android Billing In-App Billing ANE is now available!

Google Analytics 2.5, AdMob 4.9.1, and Google Games 2.10 Native Extensions Updates

May 2016

New Updates are now available to download for the Google Analytics ANE, AdMob ANE and Google Games ANE AIR Native Extensions.

Easy Push Notifications 3.10.0 Native Extension Update

February 2016

Version 3.10.0 of the EasyPush Push Notifications ANE is now available!

Game Center 3.6 and GoViral 3.5.2 Native Extensions Updates

December 2015

New Updates are now available to download for the Game Center ANE and GoViral/Facebook ANE AIR Native Extensions.

GoViral ANE Update for AIR SDK 20 (iOS 9 Facebook)

December 2015

Version 5.3.0 of the GoViral Native Extension is out now! This update is required (if you're using the new Adobe AIR SDK v20) for Facebook / iOS 9 support.

Game Center ANE and RateBox ANE Updates

November 2015

Version 3.5.0 of the Game Center ANE and version 2.4.0 of the RateBox ANE are now available!

Easy Push Notifications ANE Update

October 2015

Version 3.9.0 of the EasyPush Push Notifications ANE is now available!

Game Center, GoViral, and iOS In-App Purchase Native Extensions Updates

October 2015

New Updates are now available to download for the Game Center ANE, GoViral/Facebook ANE, and iOS In-App Purchase AIR Native Extensions.

Facebook, iOS 9 and GoViral ANE Version 5

September 2015

The GoViral ANE v5.0.0 is out now! Here's what you need to know about Facebook and iOS 9 in Adobe AIR.

Optimizing mobile performance of AIR Games with CoreMobile

June 2015

The CoreMobile ANE version 2.11.0 adds some great new ways to get better performance in Adobe AIR on iOS and Android.

Use Game Center to authenticate Players on your own Server

June 2015

The Game Center ANE now has additional support for authenticating players on your own server, using their Game Center ID.

Unlimited push notifications for Free

May 2015

Through our partnership with OneSignal, the EasyPush Native Extension now offers unlimited push notifications to unlimited devices, for free.

Send SMS Attachments, show Twitter Profiles, and More with GoViral

April 2015

We'd like to highlight just a few of the new features in the last few updates to the GoViral Native Extension for Adobe AIR.

All Milkman Native Extensions Support iOS 64-bit / Universal

February 2015

This gets asked quite a bit, so: Yes, all Milkman Native Extensions for Adobe AIR now support iOS 64-bit / Universal, and they have for quite awhile now!

RateBox, now with Amazon App Store Support

November 2014

The RateBox ANE now automatically detects Kindle Fire devices and redirects to the Amazon App Store!

Google Analytics Native Extension for Adobe AIR

July 2014

Are you players getting frustrated and abandoning your app on the third level? How long does an average gameplay session last? Is your push notification campaign driving your sales? Would your in-app purchases be more profitable if you showed a promotion before or after a level is completed?

Advanced Gyroscope, Local Notifications and More for Adobe AIR iOS + Android!

March 2014

Here at Milkman, we've been working on some exciting new game projects using Adobe AIR. Along the way, we've found a few core mobile features are missing, not cross-platform, no longer supported, or otherwise not quite right - so we created the CoreMobile Native Extension for Adobe AIR to fill in the gaps!

Easy AIR Push Notifications: Now for Android AND iOS!

September 2013

Our EasyPush Notifications Extension for Adobe AIR is hands down the fastest and easiest way to get Push Notifications running in your Adobe AIR apps for iOS; and now, it supports Android too- all from the exact same (and simple to implement) code!

Google Play Games: Now for Adobe AIR!

May 2013

Google made an exciting announcement at the IO Conference last month: Integratde Games Services for Google Play. And today, we're happy to bring you access to Google Play Authentication, Leaderboards, Achievements and more - now in your Adobe AIR for Android games!

AdMob AIR Native Extension: now for iOS and Android!

September 2012

We're pleased to announce that AdMob Native Extension for Adobe AIR is available for both Android and iOS!

Push Notifications for Adobe AIR on iOS!

June 2012

Push Notifications on iOS are a powerful tool for sharing data and information with users when they're not using your game- driving more engagement, more fun, and more revenue...and now available for all AIR and Flash users with our EasyPush Push Notifications Native Extension for AIR!

In-App Subscriptions in AIR for Android

June 2012

Google recently announced in-app subscriptions for Android. As an addition to their existing In-App Purchase features, developers can now let their users subscribe to a service or feature in their apps for a monthly fee.

Facebook, Twitter and Mail AIR Extension: Now for Android

June 2012

Hundreds of Adobe AIR developers have used our GoViral Native Extension for iOS to help make their iOS apps Go Viral- sharing messages, emails, tweets, wall posts, friend requests and more through AS3 on iOS. Today we're happy to announce GoViral for Android- all the same great features, now for Android devices.

Earn 5 Stars with the RateBox Extension for Adobe AIR

May 2012

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to spread the word about your App- and there's no better way to do it than the built-in rating system on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play. Boost your ratings with the RateBox App Rating Native Extension for Adobe AIR!

Native Facebook, Twitter, and More for iOS Adobe AIR!

March 2012

You've made a great game, and it's time to spread the word. And we've listened to the hundreds of developers using our tools to bring you three of the most requested social features- Facebook, Twitter, and Mail- all in one awesome Social Networking Native Extension for Adobe AIR!

iOS In-App Purchase Extension for Adobe AIR

January 2012

The top-grossing apps on the App Store are monetized with in-app purchases, and the power of Apple's native StoreKit is now available to all Flash and AIR developers- with our iOS In-App Purchase Native Extension for Adobe AIR! Our extension will get in-app purchases running in your AIR iOS App quickly and easily - so you can focus on writing great games. It's the fastest, cleanest, and best-documented In-App Purchase solution for AIR developers there is!

Announcing Android In-App Purchases for Adobe AIR!

December 2011

Selling in-app purchases inside your Android apps is a highly effective technique for driving revenue on the Android Market- one that was unfortunately inaccessible to Adobe AIR developers- until now.

Adobe AIR now supports iAd!

December 2011

Milkman is happy to announce the release of our latest Native Extension for Adobe AIR- iAd!

Adding iPhone Game Center to Your Adobe AIR / Flash Game Part 1: iTunes Connect

November 2011

Now that Adobe AIR for iOS supports Game Center via ourGame Center iOS Extension for Adobe AIR, it's about time for some some step-by-step tutorials on getting your first leaderboards and achievements showing up in your Flash / AIR game! We'll start with the iOS Developer Portal end of things, which is easy to do but takes a few steps to get it all put together.

Northway Games Adds Game Center to iPad AIR Projects

November 2011

Northway Games, creators of award winning (and all-around awesome!) games for the web and iPad- like Fantastic Contraption, Rebuild, Word Up Dog, and Incredipede- are adding Game Center social features to their iPad AIR / Flash games thanks to our GameCenter Extension for Adobe AIR.

Announcing Native iOS Game Center for Adobe AIR!

November 2011

We just released our AdMob Android Extension for Adobe AIR, but we're not stopping there. Milkman is dedicated to bringing all the best native features to your mobile Flash / AIR games, and up next is our latest Extension: Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements for Adobe AIR!

Announcing Native Android AdMob Support for Adobe AIR!

November 2011

Milkman is very pleased to announce our newest extension for Adobe AIR: Native support for AdMob on Android! Monetizing apps on any mobile platform can be a challenge- but it's about to get a lot easier for Flash/AIR developers targeting Android. AdMob offers best in breed mobile ads for Android, and you can now display native ads in your AIR applications with just 2 lines of code.

Developing Android Extensions for AIR 3: A Beginner's Guide

September 2011

Adobe AIR is a powerful platform, and its use on the BlackBerry PlayBook made deploying Aqualux there a painless and productive effort. For me, the choice to use AIR to translate my game on to mobile was informed by two major advantages; first, the relative ease of taking a fairly complex codebase already written in Actionscript 3, and quickly moving it on to other devices...

Optimizing Adobe AIR Games for Mobile GPUs: 7 Simple Rules

May 2011

For the last month or so, your friends at Milkman headquarters have been working away on porting Aqualux to the BlackBerry Playbook. The Playbook has an integrated Adobe AIR runtime, which means you can develop native apps for it using Actionscript 3.

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