Social + Gaming ANEs

Quickly and easily add Facebook, Twitter, and other social features to your Adobe AIR apps. Enable native authentication, leaderboards, achievements and more on iOS and Android.

Ads + Analytics ANEs

Monetize your free Adobe AIR apps and games with banner, interstitial and video ads on iOS and Android. Measure your campaigns and improve your user experience with Google Analytics.

In-App Purchase ANEs

Securely sell upgrades, consumables, in-app currency, and subscriptions in your Adobe AIR iOS and Android apps.

Notifications + Etc. ANEs

Send and receive push notifications and local notifications on iOS or Android. Implement native UI, gyroscope, network monitoring, piracy protection and more with CoreMobile. Improve your App Store rankings and get more stars with RateBox.

Why Choose Milkman Native Extensions?

Milkman ANEs are production-proven in real games by developers large and small, including EA Games, Insomniac, Big Fish, Northway Games, FGL, Gaijin Games, and Stoic Studios. You can see some of our extensions in action in the ANE showcase.

Behind the scenes, we've developed the official Native Extensions for some of the biggest app platform, advertising and media companies in the US.

All our ANEs come with complete sample code, and fully-illustrated, step-by-step docs to guide you through every step of the process, from writing your first line of code to getting services set up on third-party developer websites like Apple and Facebook.

Should you get stuck, we're here to help. Every customer gets one year of email support from real, experienced developers- free.