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Monetizing your games and apps on any platform can be a challenge- we're here to make it easier!

Milkman's simple and intuitive ActionScript API will have you showing banner, interstitial, or video ads in just a few lines of code.

The extension also supports AdMob Rewarded Video Ads. This is a high paying format where your user can choose to view an advertiser's video in exchange for a reward inside your game. For instance, you can increase your earnings by incentivizing players to earn coins or power-ups inside your game in exchange for watching a rewarded video ad, using a simple event-based API.

Fine tune your application flow with simple commands to create, destroy, show and hide ads. With smart layout support, ads automatically adjust to the size and rotation of your screen. Our multiplatform solution lets you leverage the exact same code, whether you're targeting the App Store or Google Play.

Take advantage of the largest advertising network in the world and start earning more with Google AdMob!

Screen showing simple ActionScript code for AdMob ANE.

Fast and Easy.

Show your first ad in just 3 lines of code.

Fully illustrated, step-by-step manual covers every step of the process.

Complete sample application demonstrates every function in the API.

Free technical support from real developers if you get stuck.

Always up to date for the latest AIR, iOS and Android SDKs - including iOS 64 bit Android x86.

Amazing Reach. Great CPMs.

Google's world class global ad network means you'll get the most ad fill in the most countries.

AdMob's excellent CPMs mean you earn more- with payrates that have grown over 200% since 2013.

Choose a lucrative ad format that's right for you- from text to images to rewarded video.

Globe with arrows.

AdMob ANE Features:

  • Monetize free users with great CPMs via Google AdMob
  • Fast and easy to use - display your first ad with just 3 lines of code
  • Complete sample application, as3 docs, and getting started guide included
  • Supports all AdMob banner & interstitial formats for both phones and tablets
  • Supports AdMob Rewarded Video ads - your players earn in-game items while you earn money
  • Supports easy registration of your test devices: develop without affecting your metrics
  • 100% Native AdMob Code solution - say goodbye to StageWebView hacks
  • Smart layout support: Ads reposition automatically when your app changes orientation
  • Create, destroy, show and hide ads with simple commands - fine control over your app flow
  • Target iOS and Android with the same code
  • Up to date for the latest AIR, iOS and Android - including iOS 64 Bit
  • 1 year of free email support and updates

Why Choose Milkman Native Extensions?

Always up to date.

Regularly updated for the latest OS Versions and AIR SDKs.

Awesome Docs.

Comprehensive, fully-illustrated, step-by-step manuals.

Great APIs.

Simple, fast, and familiar ActionScript code.

Stellar support.

Free Software Updates and Email Support for one year.

Ready to get started with AdMob?

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